In August 2020, Harvey showed bravery, courage, selflessness and determination in rescuing a young boy adrift on an airbed off the Devon coast.

Harvey was holidaying in Devon with his family, playing on the Torre Abbey Beach. A family from East Midlands also on their summer holiday sat nearby. They had two young boys. One of the boys got on a pizza slice lilo in the water and it slowly drifted out. Harvey’s mum told us, “I looked up and saw Harvey swimming towards the boy out to sea. I knew straight away he was going to help the boy, who wasn’t a strong swimmer. I stood and walked to the waters edge where the other boy’s mum was also standing. Harvey got to the airbed and started pulling him in. I told Harvey how proud I was and he just said “I knew I’d be OK as I could hold on and have a rest before I had to swim back.”

Harvey suffers from reactive arthritis and whilst most of the time this gives him little trouble, it can come on without any warning and is energy sapping, leaving Harvey only able get about with help. On the Devon beach Harvey was not thinking of himself or any consequences, he just saw a young boy in danger that needed help and he selflessly put himself at risk also to rescue him!

Not only are Harvey’s family proud of him, his Scouting family of 2nd/4th Barry are extremely proud of him too. Subsequently Harvey was nominated for and gained the Chief Scout’s Personal Award, being presented to him on 16th April by DC Chris Parsons. This is a huge achievement in Scouting and thoroughly deserved for Harvey’s act of bravery.