Zooming through Badge day and Doughnut Making!

Zooming through Badge day and Doughnut Making!

Although were not able to see one another, making our meetings enjoyable and exciting is still a top priority here at Cardiff and the Vale Scouts. All the technical malfunctions are completely worth it, as we still get to see all of your faces.

Whilst we get closer to the light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic (yippeeeeee), It’s still important to stay safe and keep meeting virtually. The creativity and perseverance of our groups is a great force which keeps us going – we keep going so everybody can learn and have a great time doing it.

The 1st St Mellons and the 84th Cardiff ‘s badge day was quite differently this year…though the fun and enjoyment of the event did not differ. Beavers and Cubs achieved 2 badges, the Navigator and First Aid, both completed virtually at home.

Ordinarily the annual district badge day would be held to ensure everyone can interact with one another in person and develop through practical and teamwork – thankfully we’ve got Zoom to navigate us through our meetings during the pandemic. A day of interacting and communicating with one another was filled with, ‘’light bulb moments’’, which 1st St Mellons Akela says, makes Scouting, ‘’even more worthwhile’’.

‘’Because were all stuck in the house I’m glad we can still see different people and talk to them’’ – Beaver, 84th Cardiff.

1st Llanedeyrn were also jumping for joy with their jam filled mug doughnuts. A planned evening with lots of instructions and careful handling meant everybody could get stuck in and have a laugh too. The evening began with a warm greeting to each member of the group, which also accompanied many excited children (and adults), ready to make scrumptious doughnuts via the microwave.  A fun filled evening ended with lots of happy faces and bellies. Successfully completed, virtual doughnut making was made much more worthwhile, when hearing excited shrieks as doughnuts were made and silence when they were being eaten.

Moments like these show us why it’s important that we can still make Scouting possible in such times.

Continuing virtually has also enabled members to complete badge work and achieve the highest awards in their section, with several Bronze awards being presented virtually in both groups.

We look forward to doing more activities like these with you all – even if it is virtually, one thing is for sure we can still have fun!

Article by Olivia Riggon