Toilets for Covid Times

Toilets for Covid Times

As the light the end of the tunnel maybe about to appear on the Covid19 Pandemic Scouting in Cardiff and Vale is looking to improve our facilities for both our members and other youth groups at our campsite in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The land for the campsite was given to the Scout Association in the late 1950’s by the Cory family to enable the development of the Scout movement and to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Cardiff as a City in 1955 and Scouting in 1957, therefore giving the site it’s name Jubilee Campsite.

The campsite for the last 65 years has given many ten of thousands of young people a place to go for learning #Skillsforlife. Scouting is currently putting in place a long term master plan for the site so it serve Scouting and the community even better.

Julian Jordan Area Commissioner for Cardiff and Vale Scouts is looking to get the camp site far more widely used and by even more by young people,  but he knows the current toilet onsite do not meet the needs of today. The current toilets were built when the site was given to Scouting in 1950’s and have a similar design to the ones your grandparents or great grandparents would have had at the end of the their garden. The current toilets have only cold water and no lights. We all heard about the need for washing our hands while singing happy birthday, we are not going to get young people to do this if the water is freezing cold. Like most young people, our  young people have been stuck at home for the past 12 months we want to be able to let them run free when guideline say it is safe to do at our campsite,  firstly as evening and day activities but hopefully we can allow overnight experiences this summer.

To do this we need to install a semi permanent portacabin style toilet block with hot water and lights. I am asking for as many people as possible to help with our project via our crowd funding page. Every donation big or small will help us to achieve our goal of getting young people back in the countryside with freedom.

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Julian Jordan – Area Commissioner